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Desk-side assistance for all your cyber security needs

Basic cyber security skills should come just as naturally to us as “changing a tyre”, according to the new CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). But what if you’ve never changed a tyre in your life?! Don’t worry. RMC Voice can give you the reliable desk-side assistance you need to keep your company’s cyber security running smoothly.

Digital literacy is “non-negotiable”

In her first speech as chief executive of the new NCSC recently, Lindy Cameron told a virtual audience at Queen’s University, Belfast, why she thinks everyone has a role to play in making the UK the safest place to live and do business online. She suggested that basic cyber security skills are as important as knowing how to change a tyre or wire a plug and that digital literacy is as non-negotiable in boardrooms as financial literacy.

“The cyber security landscape we see now in the UK reflects huge progress and relative strength – but it is not a position we can be complacent about,” she said. “Cyber security is still not taken as seriously as it should be, and simply is not embedded in UK boardrooms. The pace of change is no excuse – in boardrooms, digital literacy is as non-negotiable as financial or legal literacy.

“Our CEOs should be as close to their CISO as their Finance Director and General Counsel. And we want to help them to develop this knowledge, as we’re all too aware that cyber skills are not yet fundamental to our education – even though these are life skills like wiring a plug or changing a tyre as well as skills for the future digital economy.”

Great value cyber security solutions

We think Lindy’s got a point. But what she’s suggesting isn’t going to happen overnight. While many people have developed a whole new set of technological skills during the various national lockdowns, you only have to look at the countless high-profile Zoom mishaps we’ve witnessed to appreciate that digital literacy doesn’t come easy to everyone. That makes gaining cyber security skills a whole different kettle of fish again.

Most small business owners understand the importance of cyber security. A whopping 43% of cyber attacks are on small and medium-sized businesses. But knowing where to start with cyber security is understandably daunting. And anyway, you’ve got enough on your plate as a business owner. Which is where RMC Voice comes in. Why struggle with something as important as cyber security when we can take care of it for you?

Contact RMC Voice today

RMC Voice offers Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 enterprise packages that not deliver all the productivity smarts you’d expect from Microsoft 365, but an incredible range of inbuilt cyber security solutions too. So we can give your business a double-whammy of efficiency and security at great value prices. We’ve also got some of the best cyber security brains in the business (if we do say so ourselves!), all under one roof.

For more information about our cyber security services, please contact us today on X.

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